Sunday, April 20, 2008


California was the perfect place to spend spring break. The kids and I had a really great week visiting Grandpa and Grandma King. Each time we get there, the sounds and smells connect the past to the present. Grandma's quaint little garden and beautiful roses make us smile and the view of La Habra from their house is amazing. Grandpa called Seth "Sherrif" the whole time we were there and the two were boxing buddies which Seth loved. The girls got to chat with grandma and help in the kitchen. It was hard to see Grandpa as weak as he is but his classic spunk showed through anyway.
Our first adventure was to Huntington Beach. The kids couldn't get enough of the sand and water. Seth would laugh hysterically each time a wave crashed. I love that the kids are water babies! We all wished Shawn had been there (as you can see by the picture).

We also spent our time at the park feeding squirrels, wearing out the Slip n' Slide, and of course going to Disneyland.

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