Monday, March 31, 2008


Bonjour mes amis! Je m'appelle Seth (pronounced Sess by the French) et je cherche une baguette. I thought this picture was so funny. All he needs is a beret and a baguette. A bientot!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Combat Life Saver

CLS is a crash course in saving life in combat situations. By the very nature of the class, we learn and live my the motto "Mission First, Soldier Always". What we train to do is to stabilize the victim, stop bleeding, stabilize broken bones or protrusions, treat for shock, administer an IV lock and call in for help. The classes are long and the training is hard, but the practical exercises are allot of fun. We get to stick each other with an IV and all sorts of pain inducing stuff. Plus its fun to see the big hard charging guys turn white and faint at the sight of blood. Here I'm sticking a young PFC who did real well, then the same PCF trying and failing twice to hit the vein on me.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hello Everyone!

New Jersey is wonderful. Well not really. It has been an adjustment melting everyone into one unit but coming from the same place with alot of the same values and background has helped the process. Just by way of confirming the obvsious...military food is the same all around the world. It always sounds so good, but in reality falls very far from what Jill makes.

Training is kicking into full gear and we are getting ready for the big jump to Iraq. For security reasons if you want to know details you will have to get them from Jill.

I'm new to this, so patience from everyone is needed. I hope to include pictures, video and a daily journal(blog) that keeps you all up to date on my world tour vacation!

My love and prayers include you all,

Sunday, March 23, 2008


A few days have passed and the kids are handling things well. We went to a huge egg hunt Saturday morning. This is utah. There are many kids. Abi got one egg. Seth got one egg. Maddie got 17. I think we'll stick to our own hunt next year.

Easter has been special. I feel that we have been able to keep focused on its true meaning. I am usually trying to keep Seth occupied during Sacrament meeting and find it hard to focus on the Spirit. So today I was happy that I was able to focus on deeper things and actually found myself holding back what Oprah calls the "ugly" cry during hymns at church today. Mostly because I feel grateful. I am grateful for the reason we celebrate Easter. When Shawn goes, I usually feel the "gird up your loins" mentality kick in pretty quick which I am grateful for. And I am grateful that while Shawn is gone, the lonely days are always followed with sparkly ones.


Shawn left friday morning for new Jersey. As I was getting ready, I heard hammering outside. I wondered grumpily to myself which construction crew in the area was working at 6 in the morning. As Shawn went outside to load up a few things this is what he found. So no overzelous construction crew- just tired, dedicated boy scouts.
Shawn's deployment orders started the day he got home from Maryland and though he had to report most days, we enjoyed the time we had to spend as a family.

On Friday the airport allowed us to use a part of the international terminal to congregate as soldiers and families. Their plane was delayed an hour so we went up and down the elevator with Seth no less than a gazillion times and watched the girls play with the other children. I held it together well until the actual goodbyes were said. Abi did not cry but was very pensive. Maddie was trying not to cry but finally said "Don't go Daddy!" The flood gates then flew open. Seth seemed confused and quiet and then waited for Shawn to come home the rest of the day. The killer came when at the sound of the front door opening and closing, he ran out and said "Daaaddy!" My heart broke.
On a cheerful note, Seth takes brushing his teeth very seriously and then pretends to do mouth wash. He gargles his pretend mouthwash, he swishes his pretend mouthwash with pursed lips and then he spits real spit.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Welcome to all of my friends and relatives who would like to follow my trip to scenic Iraq! This site will capture the latest fashion styles of ballistic body armor, camel dung, and insults in Arabic! But don't worry - there will also be photos! Even better, this will be the best way for me to keep in touch with you. Please feel free to comment on the site - and if what you say is quality - I just might allow the post. Fear not, be good be safe be in Kevlar.