Sunday, March 23, 2008


A few days have passed and the kids are handling things well. We went to a huge egg hunt Saturday morning. This is utah. There are many kids. Abi got one egg. Seth got one egg. Maddie got 17. I think we'll stick to our own hunt next year.

Easter has been special. I feel that we have been able to keep focused on its true meaning. I am usually trying to keep Seth occupied during Sacrament meeting and find it hard to focus on the Spirit. So today I was happy that I was able to focus on deeper things and actually found myself holding back what Oprah calls the "ugly" cry during hymns at church today. Mostly because I feel grateful. I am grateful for the reason we celebrate Easter. When Shawn goes, I usually feel the "gird up your loins" mentality kick in pretty quick which I am grateful for. And I am grateful that while Shawn is gone, the lonely days are always followed with sparkly ones.

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