Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hello Everyone!

New Jersey is wonderful. Well not really. It has been an adjustment melting everyone into one unit but coming from the same place with alot of the same values and background has helped the process. Just by way of confirming the obvsious...military food is the same all around the world. It always sounds so good, but in reality falls very far from what Jill makes.

Training is kicking into full gear and we are getting ready for the big jump to Iraq. For security reasons if you want to know details you will have to get them from Jill.

I'm new to this, so patience from everyone is needed. I hope to include pictures, video and a daily journal(blog) that keeps you all up to date on my world tour vacation!

My love and prayers include you all,

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David & Melissa said...

Sorry to hear the the food is the same all around the military. At least MRE's do not contain any government testing drugs of any kind, right... right?