Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some friends and I took the kids to Hee Haw Farm today. After some hayriding, animal tractor training, big sliding, pumpkin picking, Boo housing, and animal petting, we were all pretty tired! I love fall and all the fall fun there is to be had.


ty and megs said...

how fun!! don't you wish fall could last longer!?

such cute pictures!!

Kara said...

YEE HAW! I reckon your family is pretty darn cute.

Juli said...

I'm so jealous!! The only thing remotely fall-ish happening here is that Braden's class is going to the pumpkin farm on Monday for a field trip. I went last year and it was pretty much just really hot and dusty. woo hoo.

Is there such a thing as Corn Patch Kids? If there is then I want one that looks just like Seth!
Too cute!!

Jonathan said...

I say no dating until 21!!!!!!