Monday, August 11, 2008

Going Home

We usually go by way of Alberta when traveling to and from Canada. However, I decided that it would be fun to take the kids through Vancouver B.C. and then to Seattle on the way home. Vancouver has a hip and artsy -yet sometimes sophisticated vibe to it and is made even cooler because of its location near the water. For me, the bridges alone make the trip worth it. My favorite is the Lion's gate Bridge. It is such a thrill for me to drive with water on either side and such an architectually beautiful structure making it possible. I was even more excited when the kids found as much of a thrill in it and asked to cross back and forth a few times. So we did.

After Vancouver it was time to head back toward the U.S. and to Seattle. The wait at the border was an hour and a half. Let's just say they were being very thorough with us all. We got into the city in the late afternoon and I took the kids right to Pike Place Market. There is nothing like a good fish toss to brighten your day. I loved watching the kids explore. They are so easily amused. I was quite easily amused by the man selling trinkets in a safari hat and bright purple spandex. We went to the harbor to watch boats come and go and then turned in to get some much needed rest. It's not easy to travel such long roads with kids but it is well worth the bond that is formed over Slugbug, I Spy, and being able to sing every word to Disney's Camp Rock CD together.


ali said...

I'm totally impressed that you drove that all by yourself! I get sleepy just thinking about it!

That sounds like a really fun route though, we don't pass through anything cool coming up from AZ.

Diane said...

Jill! You are amazing! I can imagine that drive...and I know that if I were your age with three small children I would go by plane (which I did). I am so impressed that you did this all by yourself, and then when you decided to take a more scenic route on the way home--you just did it! Your children must be thrilled to have a mother that is so fun and adventuous--and Shawn must be especially proud of you! I know that I am! Love you!

Juli said...

I really think you might be Superwoman in disguise--I can picture you in the tights ;).
If it were me, there's no way I could drive over so many bridges after listening to the Disney Camp Rock CD repeatedly--the temptation to swerve would be too great.