Friday, August 8, 2008


The kids and I recently returned from three weeks of fun and adventure. We went to B.C. to visit with some of our family. The drive is about 26 hours and yes I am just that crazy to have done it alone with the kids. Our family there lives in a small town named Vanderhoof. I think the first stop light was actually installed not too long ago......Anyway, it is the country and by country, I mean country. To illustrate my point here is a picture of my Mother-in-law's driveway.. And this is my sister-in-law's backyard.

Needless to say it was a nice getaway to quiet. After such a long trip it was nice to finally arrive and see everyone. Each time we visit I am amazed at how truly great each of our nieces and nephews are becoming. The kids were so excited for this trip and seemed to pick up where we left off. We usually visit in the winter so it was nice this time to go during the summer. There were more outdoor things to do without freezing off any limbs. We stayed with my Mother-in-law and did fun things like pick strawberries, ride the quad (no less than a million times), and took fun little walks. Over at Auntie Cindy's house, the pool was a big hit. The girls worked hard to earn swimming badges which helped refine their swimming skills. Maddie jumped right in to help herd cattle and the girls both enjoyed "farm chores". Seth pretty much called any mobile piece of farm equipment (including the quad), a tractor.
Five minutes up the road from the house there is a beautiful and surprisingly un -crowded lake. The kids had such a fun time and got to try Kayaking. Abi took to it very quickly. The fishing poles were brought out at one point and I am still surprised no one's finger fell prey to the hook. It was such a hit for the kids. And I had a great time too just daydreaming about the Hemmingway-esque lakehouse I would love to build there one day.

Maddie with some of her cousins. Workin' it!

The kids were definitley spoiled by everyone. They were even given a birthday party since their birthdays will happen while we are not together. They each were given their own cake to decorate. Abi was actually excited despite the picture.


Juli said...

Wow, Jill!! Those are the first pics I've ever seen of Vanderhoof--it's stunning! Sounds like the kids had some really neat experiences up there.
Glad you all made it home safe and sound.

ali said...

I really want to visit Canada someday!!