Thursday, May 1, 2008

Camo is the new black

Here is my handsome husband in his body armour during prep training. We miss him!


ty & megs said...

hooray clark family! i'm so happy to know that you guys have a blog! i can't believe how big and darling (well, i believe how darling) your kids are! when did they get so grown up?
thanks for commenting on our blog jill, so i knew this blog was out there. do any of your other family members have blogs?
love you guys! and shawn, enjoy your "vacation." you are in our prayers.

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

Did I know you were in Irag? Last I heard you were working on a house in the riverbottoms...boy am I out of it!? Take care, we love you, you will be in our prayers! What can we do for your beautiful family while you are on "vacation"? Did you know that Art's nickname from the time he was a baby was "Tink"...actually stuck until his mission! :) Aunty Kathy Jo

Shawn on Vacation said...

Welcome to our blog you guys! None of the boys have blogs. We have a family blog but it is rarely used and more of a calendar. Aunti Kathy- Shawn is in New Jersey doing his deployment prep and goes to Baghdad the end of this month. He was in Maryland doing his Officers course in public affairs from Jan- March and then New Jersey the end of March so he's been gone the whole year so far!So we are excited to get this blog going!

CassiLou said...

I am so glad you found us! You kids are beautiful! Where has all othe time gone? Shawn, thanks for all that you are doing. I admire you greatly. And Jill you are a saint! Are thoughts and prayers are with you. And we LOVE YOU GUYS!! With lives being so crazy technology is awesome. I'm glad we have a way to stay in touch now!

Adam and Bri said...

Jill and Shawn! Well, this was a fun surprise finding your blog. We're a big fan of the Clark clan in our family! :)

I'm looking forward to keeping up with you guys. We love you, and you're always in our prayers!