Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday and mean man in a truck

I was a little surprised by this strange event and I thought I would post it. I think it's safe to say that most adults understand propriety in social situations. This would include resisting the urge to rudely comment out loud if it would cause offense. I admit that sometimes those great one-liners can be hard to resist. In such cases, saying them under your breath works best or in front of the bathroom mirror (add a boo-yah at the end of the really good ones for extra satisfaction).

Anyway, yesterday as I was walking the kids into the grocery store, a young man came barreling through the parking lot. I had almost completely crossed and by the way, had started to cross when no one was coming. He leans out the window and YELLS, " Move lady! Move you and your kids out of my way! Geeze! (yes -as in geeze Louise)." Then he leans back in, slows down, and turns on his blinker to leave the parking lot.

Now at first I thought maybe he was trying to be funny but then I thought about how his hair was disheveled in an -I play Dungeons and Dragons and make bombs for fun -sort of way and ruled out humor. I thought to myself for a minute of the great things I could say back, and obsessed for a second on the fact that he actually just angrily used the word "geeze". My kids shook me back from my little daydream to ask me why he yelled at us. All I could say was, "It is Monday, after all." They nodded and said, "Oh-O.K.". I normally would have used the opportunity to remind the kids that we should always be nice but why mess with it?


Tony and Whitney said...

Wow--can't believe it. A few month's back a guy just about ran down my sister and her 5 month old baby. I guess some people just lack tact. By the way, you are an excellent writer. You should pursue it something with writing! :)

Tony and Whitney said...

Sorry, "Month's" in the previous post should NOT have an apostrophe. You would think and English teacher would take her own advice and proofread!

Shawn on Vacation said...

You're funny. I didn't even notice it. You can tell by my punctuation that I have no right to criticize.