Monday, May 19, 2008

The last hurrah (before the vacation)

Shawn was able to come home for a short visit last week. The deployment prep schedule has been so crazy for them in New Jersey, we were grateful it worked out. I planned a get-away to Bear Lake so that he wouldn't come home and feel pressured to fill his time with projects. Those of you who know us understand that we thrive on projects, however, this time it was more important to relax.

Bear Lake is beautiful and calm this time of year. The kids pretty much wanted to swim every minute of the day. It made me think back to those fun days spent on Maui during the summer as kids. I had a moment of gratitude for the moms and aunts who so patiently took us swimming non-stop.
The owner of the boat shop in the marina became our fast friend and let us take his boat out for a couple of hours. Boating is one of my favorite things and something we don't get to do very often so this was an incredible treat.

The next day we went for a bike ride on an Italian bike built for the whole family. All of those years of laughing at tourists on very tourist-y contraptions in Hawaii earned me a seat in the most tourist-y contraption ever! It was silly but a ton of fun.

It was great to have Shawn home but harder than ever to say "goodbye" again. Each time he is gone I think of the Proclamation and about each of our roles. And no matter the size or style-families are an amazing blessing.

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