Sunday, June 15, 2008

Here are some pictures from the other side of the world. First is Justin Day, Myself and a nice warm bottle of Noni. Please forgive the cheezy grins we were haveing a great time.
The second picture is a typical summer day in Northern Kuwait. We were traveling from Ali Al Salem Air base to Camp Burhing and the wind was lightly blowing. Honest! We could still see the road at this point. Several times the road disappeared altogether and we were driving on sand with no trace of the road! Lots of camels, no ride. Disappointed.
Be safe,


ali said...

Shawn love the pics!!!! Are you working with Justin or is he just at the base that you are? You are looking good my friend. Happy Father's Day.


Melanie said...

Shawn you look great! We are super, and I mean super, excited to see you in November!

David & Melissa said...

Happy Father's Day!

ali said...


it's good to hear from you and hear that you are safe and well, thanks for providing a way for us to keep up with you! We love you to pieces and pray for your safety. Also know that you have our support. And Jill, we are praying for your safety too and the kids.

Shawn, I invited you to my picture blog if you get a chance you can check out your newest nephew and his crazy sibs.