Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pictures from Shawn

Shawn has adjusted to the sleep schedule after lots of long and tiring days. He works 12 hours each day/night (except saturday) and has a tedious job which can be quite demanding. His sense of humor has not been lost in the sand and he has a great ability to look on the bright side of things. I am so grateful to him for all he does. I know the heat alone would be a major trial for me- so I truly admire him for his endurance. Here are some pictures of his short stay in Kuwait, his travel to baghdad, and his current station.


Jonathan said...

I love it shawn keep the pics coming. It's good to hear you are doing good, and that McDonald's has made it to the Middle East. Do they use camel meat? Just kidding.

Juli said...

McDonald's?! So, the weather's miserable and the food is too, huh?

Chris said...

Thanks for the pictures and captions. Where'd you get a bike?