Tuesday, June 3, 2008

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Today even though you could not see the sun because of the dust storm, it reached 127 here at our camp. It might sound strange because I just got here but its a bit of a fun seeing how extreme the weather can be.

Today I was in the PX looking around and I noticed a young sgt with a shoulder holster for the 9m pistol that we carry on our hip. It's been hard to carry it there because of the weight of the weapon -it tends to pull your belt and pants down. Anyway, I asked the sgt where he got the shoulder holster from ( looks like a bra for men but with no cups in the front) and he told me that it was hard to come by (not that it was expensive but that everyone wanted one and that the PX was always sold out of them). As I thanked him and started to walk away, he stopped me and took off the holster and said,"Sir, today is my last day on deployment, and I'd like you to have the holster." He had it off and his weapon out of it and was handing it over before I realized what he said. To make a long story short, it's a great blessing because it allows me to be hands free and not have tons of extra weight around my belt. Now everyone in the unit wants one. That was my cool story for the day. Very windy.Very dusty. The dust wears on your skin like sandpaper and you almost loose your way in the dusty weather, but again my spirits are high.

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CassiLou said...

127 degrees?!? Whoa that's hot. Jill, thank you for sharing. It's nice to know how Shawn is doing. Lots of hugs and prayers from the Palmers.